Union Bank of India Fixed Deposit Rates and Calculator

Union Bank of India Fd Calcualtor

The Union Bank of India has revised its interest rates of fixed deposit scheme for general and senior citizens. Use its calculator, how to open FD & penalty on premature withdrawal. Union bank is one of the best banking institutions for the genre of Public sector. It is a complete Government owned bank of India. This bank is highly qualified bank to provide one stop solution for retail banking.  Fixed deposit is a very attractive one from the suite of the retail product of this bank. Fixed Deposit scheme of Union Bank come with a lucrative interest offer and rates. These rates are varying with the time duration and the amount of investment of the customer. The interest rates are continuously updated, modified and monitored to fulfil the requirement of the consumers.Union Bank of India Fd Calcualtor

Interest rates of Fixed Deposit for Short time duration

  • If a customer starts with a short durable investment for one month, they will get 5.50% interest rate as the return.
  • For the 60 to 90 days scheme for the deposit, they offer the 6.50% interest.
  • For 120-day deposit scheme, they provide 6.75% interest.
  • These plans are encircling off up to 7.25% as the time duration is six to nine months.
  • For the long-term time period, the interest level is really high with this bank.
  • For duration of two to three years, the interest rate is 7.55%
  • When the time duration is 1 year the interest rate is 7.50%
  • For a four to five years maturing fixed deposit they offer 7.50%
  • If the tenures are over five to ten years then the interest level also come with a reasonable value of 7.25%.
  • There are lots of offers for the senior citizens. They offer a substantial raise on savings of senior citizen with a compatibility of 0.5% hike on their long or middle term existing FD. This is also 8.05%, with a period of two years to three years financial credit. For four to five year, this is 8.0% and for 5 years durable account it is 7.75%.


Any individual resident is eligible for opening an account at UBI. There also many offers like single accounts, account for undivided Hindu families, for the minors with a sign of their guardian, joint accounts, account for the Illiterate person, for a blind person, for Associations, societies, and clubs, trusts, Institutions are eligible to open a fixed deposit in UBI.


One can withdraw their FD before the time of maturity from Union Bank of India.  The interest rate will be as per the date of depositing the amount and as well as during the time the deposit lingered in the bank. But for such depositing amount, which stays less than 7 days in the bank, won’t be paid any interest.  For any case of renewal deposit, if a customer is withdrawing the deposit, the new terms of renewal period will be longer than the original one.

FD Opening Method

You can open an FD account at UBI, you can go with the online process or you can open it from the branches directly. At that time you need to submit your ID proof and amount of your deposit in cash or demand draft.

Union Bank of India Interest Rates of Fixed Deposit

Duration Interest Rate (in % per Annum)
For General For Senior Citizen
31 Days to 45 Days 5.25 5.75
46 Days to 90 Days 6.50 7.00
91 Days to 180 Days 6.75 7.25
181 Days to 1 Years 7.50 8.00
1 Years to 3 Years 7.55 8.05
3 Years to 5 Years 7.50 8.00
5 Years to 10 Years 7.25 7.75