UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Rates and Calculator 2017

The UCO Bank updated its interest rates of Fixed Deposit for General and Senior Citizens. Find its easy calculator to check the returns on FD schemes. UCO bank or United Commercial Bank is one of best banks in the sector of public.  This bank has started its success story from 1943; from that time this bank is a bank is successfully giving their customers the facility of retail FD with different tenors and also with attractive rates of interest.

UCO Bank FD rates and calculator

The banking market is changing every day; UCO bank is come out with some attractive FD offers to suit the criteria of the customers at a high level. This private bank is undertaken by the Government of India. It is one of the trusted banks of India to give the customer’s world class support and facilities. Fixed deposit is most impressive and interesting service of this bank, which comes with attractive interest rates and variable time duration.

UCO Bank FD Ratesfor 2017

  • The interest rates of UCO bank FD are ranging from 5.60% to 7.75% and the time duration for that is 1 month to 12 months.
  • In between that the schemes for 9o days and 60 days come in a 6 point range, as the interest rate is 6.60% and 6.10%. On the other hand, the schemes for 6 months and 120 days the rates ranging is 7.35% and 7.10% respectively.
  • When it comes to the medium or the long term time slot, the rates for 1 year to the duration of three years, is 7.75% and for the five years time duration, it is 7.50%.
  • You may find some special offers for the senior citizens in this bank.
  • For senior citizens, they offer a hike of 0.25% interest on their medium or short term investment. For a long term investment, that should be from 5.85% to 8.25%.

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Eligibility and Penalty on Fixed Deposit

  • Any individual person, who has a valid ID proof can open an FD account in UCO bank also the clubs, societies, NRI persons, companies can open an FD in UCO bank. The main thing is needed for that is the legal identification proof.
  • UCO bank allows the premature withdrawals on the case of FD but they should charge a minimum penalty from the account holder. They do not provide permission for a premature withdrawal before 5 years.

How to open an FD on UCO bank

  • You do need to go to the bank for opening an FD on UCO bank, you can open it online. There should be an FD calculator to help you out about the matter of time and amount also provides you the exact value of your deposit at the time of maturity.
  • Just go to the official website of UCO bank and download the form of account opening and fill up that and submit it with the necessary documents, ID proof, residential proof at your nearest branch with the money.

UCO Bank FD Interest Rates

Duration Interest Rate (in % per Annum)
For General For Senior Citizen
31 Days to 45 Days 5.50 6.00
46 Days to 60 Days 6.00 6.50
61 Days to 90 Days 6.25 7.00
91 Days to 120 Days 6.50 7.25
121 Days to 180 Days 6.50 7.25
181 Days to 1 Years 6.90 7.75
1 Years to 2 Years 6.90 8.00
5 Years & Above 7.75 7.75