Highest Interest Rate on Bank Fixed Deposit Plan in India

Check which one Bank fixed deposits in India offering best interest rates on your FD. Listed here 10 such banks providing such plans with comparison. Fixed deposits are sources of livelihood as old age savings. Most of the institutions dealing in financial products offer “fixed deposits” with attractive features like good rate of interest and flexibility in features like easy auto-renewal and loan facility. Almost all the banks and financial institutions have their fixed deposit schemes. The fixed or term deposits have forever stayed top options for investments.  It is suggestible to that you need to know every prospect of investment without getting influenced by the sole factor- rate of interest.
Best fd schemes by Bank in India

List of Top 10 Banks offering higher Interest Rates of FD in India

Before the note banned the rates of interested already reduced on fixed deposit. And if you wanted to keep your hard earned money in safe place the bank fd is the best option. However finding out which bank is offering the best fd rates is tough, so let’s know about the ten different leading banks in India with their rates of interest.

State Bank of India

Being the number one public sector bank in India, State Bank of India offers 7% rate of interest for its fixed deposit schemes. This is the maximum applicable rate per annum for long term fixed deposit schemes. Despite the attractive offers from other banks for their fixed deposit schemes, the FD schemes offered by State Bank have stayed the safest and most favorite options of people.

Bank of India

As other leading and trusted names in Indian banking, Bank of India is popular everywhere for its investors’ friendly investment options. It gives 7.25% rate of interest for its fixed deposit schemes as attractive investment option in fixed deposit.


As the leading private bank in India, HDFC Bank has also its schemes for attractive fixed deposits. As one of the best private banks of India, the bank offers 7.25% rate of interest. HDFC bank also do offers wife range of credit card, check this page http://www.findcreditcardstatus.com/hdfc-bank-credit-card-status-online/ to find how to apply and get a credit card at very low rates.

Bank of Baroda

With its outstanding reputation in banking, the public sector bank, Bank of Baroda, has its indisputable position in the banking field. The bank offers 7.30% rate of interest to its depositors across the nation.

Punjab National Bank

Being one of the old public sector banks in India with consistent records of good performance in banking, Punjab National Bank gives 7.50% rate of interest to its investors. The fixed deposit schemes from this bank are absolutely safe and guaranteed.

Axis Bank

As a trusted institution in banking, Axis Bank has become the most trustworthy bank of millions of its investors. It gives 7.50% interest to its investors for its fixed deposit schemes.

Canara Bank

As a familiar name in Indian Banking, Canara Bank offers 7.50% interest to its depositors in fixed deposit schemes. The schemes have millions of investors.


As the biggest and trusted name in banking, ICICI Bank has the widest network in banking and a number of investment options. Being an investors’ friendly bank, it offers 7.50% rate of interest to its investors.

RBL Bank

Although a private bank, it offers quite high rate of interest to its investors. The bank gives 8.1% rate of interest to its fixed depositors.

Bharat Bank

As a private institution in banking, Bharat Bank has good standing in investment market. The bank offers 9.0% interest rate with quarterly compounding feature per annum for its fixed deposit schemes.